Bitter-less Type of 2018

“But you cannot grow if you are bitter.” ~ page 174, Pillow Thoughts, Courtney Peppernell

I expressed that one of the reasons why I did my series #12DaysofPoetry was because I wanted to release some of the poetry I wrote from this year to leave room for new words in 2018, which was true.

But another reason I released the poems I did was to release certain emotions and feelings I felt while writing those poems, and move on from them. It doesn’t make those emotions and feelings any less real since the poems have been published on my blog, but I honestly feel like I can truly let go of my personal unforgiveness, hurt, bitterness that I felt in that poetry.

So, I encourage you, in these last days before the new year, to think about the scenarios that left you with negative emotions: anger, hurt, bitterness, unforgiveness, lonliness, sadness, etc. Write down those circumstances and those emotions on a sheet/s of paper, and afterwards, tear it all up or burn them. Throw them away, and decide that you are no longer going to let those things, people, circumstances hurt you any longer. Think back only to remember the lessons you learned, but for no other reason; keep your eyes forward, and be determined to grow past those things.



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