The “Bad Day Formula”

“It’s a bad day not a bad life.”

I don’t know who said this, but you’ve probably already heard this said or read it somewhere on social media. And it is definitely true: just because you have a bad day, doesn’t mean your entire life is off the rails.

But I’d like to take this quote and break it down even further in time…something like, “It’s a bad couple of hours / a bad situation / a bad thought. Not a bad day. Not a bad life. ” Because I feel like “bad days” are initially rooted in these things.

Bad Days = Negative Situations + Negative Thoughts x Repetition

The above formula is how I would calculate all this. And, yes, I experienced this in my own life to come up with such an equation.

A part of yesterday was really hard for me. I went into the day really positive, maybe a little timid about how the day would go at my job. Well, as the day went on, some negative things slowly began to pile up. Not extremely drastic negative circumstances, but enough negativity to stress me out to the point that my back and shoulders were feeling the weight of the stress.

As I drove to my second job, I thought to myself, Okay, yeah…a lot of negative stuff just happened. But that doesn’t mean that this whole day has to be negative and labeled as bad. I still have several hours to turn this thing around.”

And sure enough, my day turned out to be way better all because I changed my attitude about it. And also with the help of some special people in my life, and some good food 😁

I think bad days occur when negative situations happen, we start to have negative thoughts about those situations or about other things as a result of those bad situations, and then when we constantly repeat this cycle, we’re stuck with a bad day, maybe even a bad few days or a bad week. All because we continued to repeat that negativity in our minds and hearts, and continued to reflect that into our lives.

Now, what to do with this equation? Like why even spend time pondering all this?

Well, the more we realize what causes bad days, behavior, thoughts and negativity in general, the better we can find ways to reverse those things. And it doesn’t mean it’ll be easier to reverse them all, but it can definitely help.

So I encourage you: the next time you’re feeling like you’re having a bad day, going through a bad situation, or having bad thoughts, put a stop to those things by realizing that you have the power to end the negative cycle.

Think of 3 things you’re grateful for, or 3 things that went right throughout your day.

Problem solve your way through your day. Can you do something within your means about that negativity? If so, do it! Just don’t stay stuck in that negativity for long. You can not only affect yourself, but spread it to others as well!

Mishy 🦋

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