where I am.

Last night, I had a BLAST!

I performed in my first show of 2020 at a female open mic called The Lyrical Lay Up, an event collaboration by Black Girl Chatt (a business based on “community over competition among Black women) and The Midnight Puff (a canna-bus/hip-hop speakeasy). It was the first time performing my new EP The Cocoon alongside my friend Seaux Chill.

During the event I had some amazing conversations with ladies about self-love, creativity, putting our work out, etc. Right before I left, Brandy (the founder of Black Girl Chatt) asked me about my projects: what I was working on, when I’ll be performing next, etc. And as I explained what my next plans would be, both Brandy and Brie offered their help in anything I needed moving forward in my craft.

As they said that, it made me realize that I was exactly where I need to be.

Because in 2017 when I first began sprouting ideas in regards to my Butterfly Project and poetry, I knew one thing for a fact – I didn’t want to execute them carelessly. And because of this, I knew it would take time because I didn’t know many people who could help me out with the vision I had, and still have.

Part of me was frustrated back then when things weren’t moving quickly enough, at least in my eyes. I felt like I wasn’t really doing much if I wasn’t putting all of my ideas in motion.

But I think it just wasn’t the right time for things to play out; God knew what He was doing back then, and He knows now. He knew I needed to take the time to connect with people in my city who understood me as a creative, and were willing to help me with what I needed. So, it’s better that I’ve had to wait this long in order to make those important friendships and connections.

As a new month has arrived, and I continue to think of all the plans I’ve got for February, I must remember that…

  1. Even if things don’t happen in the time that I’d like them to, that doesn’t mean they’ll never happen. And it doesn’t mean I should give them up. I need to trust in God’s timing.
  2. Where I am now is EXACTLY where I need to be! And I can embrace it, and continue working towards the things I’d like to pursue as I pray for wisdom and guidance in those things.

Mishy 🦋

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