Timing is everything. And God is always right on time, even if from our perspective, it seems He’s going too slow, or He’s set our time back. He does things for a reason.

I type this in the midst of two different timing events: one being a show I was supposed to be opening for getting cancelled, and the other being me currently waiting for the county my school is a part of to announce that they’re closing school the next day (yes, I wrote this blog post last night).

Koi While I could be frustrated about things not happening the way that I thought they would, instead, I think that these things are happening for a reason. For what reason, I have no idea, but God isn’t moving the timing of these events for nothing. I had planned to meet two of my most influential and supportive social media friends at this event at the end of the month, but now we’ll have to meet some other time, and while we’re all sad it won’t be sooner, we know that God has a perfect time for us to meet.

This school closing would be fantastic; God knows how badly my body needs some more rest. And maybe even an extra day to get some things done in my apartment. But, if He decides that school must go on, it will go on, and I’ll go to work like I’d planned anyway. Maybe God needs me to be where I am – physically tired, sort of mentally weary – so I can depend on Him more for the strength to make it through the rest of this week. (I’m currently still refreshing my browser though…I guess we’ll see!)

So, as you are going about your week, or even with the months ahead as you have things planned, think about timing, and how maybe some things won’t go as planned after all. How will you respond? I don’t ask this to make you feel guilty, because I know a lot of the time, my initial reaction is to be frustrated and upset when plans are uprooted or shifted. But I’m learning to take things in stride, to allow God to move in things and to trust Him, even if I feel like the timing seems weird, or just not in my favor. Because He knows what is best in the end, and ultimately, He longs for the best for me, so it will end up in my favor, for His glory!

Think about a time in which something came “right on time”…maybe it was something a friend did for you, or an opportunity, or maybe you read something that encouraged you in a perfect moment. When all of these things happen, we believe the timing was perfect; and we don’t question God on it. So, why don’t we believe that when things don’t happen on our schedule, or are completely cancelled that it was God’s perfect timing too? We never know what might have occurred had some things gone our way; it’s easier said than done, but I aim to continue learning how to trust that God’s timing is better than mine.

And maybe I’ll look back when I finally get to meet my online friends for the first time, and I’ll think, Actually, THIS was the perfect time for us to get together…February doesn’t hold a candle to this moment!

And I’ll look back at the end of this week and think, Wow, God really got me through! I was so tired, and had so much to do, yet He gave me the strength and endurance to make it, and STILL get my tasks completed!

All in His timing…

What does timing look like in your life? What are some things you have planned in the next week or so? How will you respond if they don’t go as planned? What do you think God is teaching you by pushing something back, or allowing it to be cancelled? What is He teaching you by allowing something to continue instead of being cancelled?

***Thursday Morning update: Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work I go…

Mishy 🦋

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