From the Drafts: “remind(s) me of you.”

The following poem is taken from r.h. sin’s poetry book i hope this reaches her in time, and this along with an event that happened around the time I read it for the first time inspired me to write the poem below “remind(s) me of you.”

“sin’s choice”

realizing that I didn’t
have the courage to love you
in the way you needed
I let you go.
because you couldn’t
I did it for you.

– r.h. sin

“remind(s) me of you.”

“The poem above reminds me of you.

It reminds me of the lies I thought you’d said, how
You used to make me feel like I wasn’t enough.
You left saying it was for the best, for my best,
But you were just being selfish and
Found other women to satisfy your urges that I
Never could’ve.
Our story became a game of tennis, or
Better yet…you were a boomerang.
I’d throw you out into the ether just to have you
Come back again.

For a while, I believed that you meant well,
But your words fell flat when your actions were lacking.
So I got used to being let down by you.
You taught me that love is just something that’s too good to be true.
You made no effort – yet you begged me for mine.
And instead of ignoring your pleas, I gave it to you, I
Fell for your lies about caring for me.
You played the boy who cried wolf, always
Claiming you’d be there for me,
But you never showed.

No…you never showed.

And now, you’ll never have the chance to speak to me again.
Your efforts have been blocked, your lies
Deleted from my phone so I
Never have to hear or read your whines about
Always being alone or
Never getting to see me.

So long and farewell…we may never meet again.

No more trying to reel me in with your devices,
Knowing that my “too nice” attitude and my admiration of your writing would
Hit my soft spot…
The spot has been replaced for another sensitivity.
A whole other entity who’s far from who you ever were, or will ever be to me.

So, please…
Stop sending me your poetry.

It’s enough to know that there are other poems like the one above that
Remind me of you.”


Mishy 🦋

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