I had another blog post planned, but after this morning, the Lord directed my heart elsewhere.

The word FREEDOM highlighted my morning worship (it’s a bonus that it’s also one of the words in my logo 😄). If you look at my Instagram story, you can listen to the songs I listened to this morning – songs discussing “deliverance,” “having life with no chains,” “breaking chains so I can lift my hands.” I honestly cried so hard as I drove and worshipped (probably not too safe, but God kept me safe, and I made it to work!).

Because honestly, I’ve been chained to some negative ways of thinking, causing sadness, self-sabotage, comparison, just to name a few. As much as I try to block all of those things out, it’s been difficult. And I’ve been seeking peace amidst all of these feelings, admittedly in places where it resides only temporarily. I’ve been desiring freedom from cycles of fear and worry.

It’s beautiful how peace and freedom go hand-in-hand within all of this. The freedom from my mental and emotional state brings about the peace I long for. And that can only be done if God has His Hand in the situation.

The thing is, He’s always been here; He’s witnessed me tear myself down, compare myself, long for other things to somehow bring me joy. And He just wants me to acknowledge that He alone is the only answer to my problems. He holds the key to my freedom, and the peace I need in my life.

It’s easy to say all that, but how do I put it into practice?? Honestly, the first step to me is typically the most crucial. Once I accomplish it, although the rest can still be challenging, I can go through it with less fear, doubt, and worry. And that step is this:

Talk to God in Faith

Sometimes I think there’s some formula to having God bring peace and freedom into my life. I think I have to do something special, or reach a certain point before He swoops in, and saves the day. When really, all I need to do is call on Him; pray about all the things that have been hurting me lately, and ask for guidance in what to do next, or how I can continue to seek Him through it.

Praying about it sounds too easy, for some people. But I think it’s because people aren’t praying with faith that God can and will work it out. So, they just throw their words up there, and hope God hears them instead of believing that He not only hears them, but WILL move!

It sounds too simple and maybe even crazy, but when I say I brought all my concerns before God last night, and even though I didn’t have the answers yet, He still allowed for me to feel at peace knowing that whatever answer I would eventually receive was the best one for me and my situation, and ultimately for His glory!

Cut Them Out

This is reminiscent of my distractions post I wrote last week, but if I know of things that are not bringing peace in my life, then I need to cut them out of my life. And maybe it’s not exactly clear, but with prayer and patience, God will reveal those things or those people.

Releasing these things will also help refocus on God, and it will FREE myself from all the things compromising my peace. There can be things that allow us to feel relaxed, but do not bring us peace (that’s a different topic for a different post though! Maybe tomorrow 😊). I just need to be aware of not making anything my source of peace unless it’s God Himself.

Embrace and Walk in the Truth

This might be a difficult step for me in all this: not only accepting, but also EMBRACING the truths about my peace and my freedom. I have all-access to both through Christ! And that’s a hard thing to wrap my head around when I’m too occupied with overthinking everything.

I cannot just claim that God is my peace, or that I have freedom in Him, although it is powerful to declare it. It is so much more powerful to BELIEVE IT and therefore ACT LIKE IT!

Even if the darkness tries its best to consume my heart and my mind, I must fight through it, and remember that peace is still possible. That these chains will be broken through the power of the Holy Spirit, and nothing can stop this process unless I choose to dwell on the cycles and patterns that are bringing me down. And even if I do choose that, it doesn’t mean God can’t bring peace and freedom into my life.

Just some things I’ve been thinking on today! I’ll continue the peace series tomorrow ✌🏽💚

Are you experiencing peace and freedom in your life right now? If so, how have you been able to stay on the path to doing so? If not, what steps can you take towards having them?

Mishy 🦋💚

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