“PEACE” de resistance: think about it this way…

Honestly, today’s been HECTIC.

Officially, I’m off of work for 2 weeks with pay. And the climate out in the world right now has matched what they’re now calling this PANDEMIC; it’s truly causing PANIC. Despite my post to you yesterday about not worrying, I fell into some of that today, and it’s hard not too when everyone around you is scrambling for food and toilet paper, or when the kids at your job seem to be creating a chaos and panic all on their own.

I definitely had to clear my head – had to shut off the social media narratives about what’s happening, had to assure myself of God’s control in this situation despite what it looks like right now. So, instead of dwelling on such matters, my desire for the next two weeks is to get some serious creative work done 😁🦋, and rest my little body and soul up because working the way I’ve been working gets tiring after a while.

Despite the circumstances, I am truly grateful for this two week break. And maybe this is one reason why God allowed all of this to happen: to allow the world to stop for a moment, and focus on what’s really going on in our lives. I’m not saying He desires for us to horde food and toilet paper from those in need, but maybe every single one of us has something in our lives that we needed God to stop our little lives, our little worlds to get our attention for.

I won’t make this post long, just want you to think about this whole COVID-19 situation like this…if you’re taking a break from school or work for a week or so, what in your life could you focus on working on in the days to come? What is God saying to you? What is He bringing your attention to? What can you work on – your passion, yourself, your relationships, your dreams?

Don’t spend so much time focusing on this pandemic, that you miss out on what God may be wanting to show you in your own life! And, if you somehow wind up getting ill within all this (although I pray you all stay healthy and safe! 🙏🏽), He still has something to show you! Stay hopeful. Pray constantly. Have faith that He’s going to bring you through this!

This concludes my ✌🏽PEACE✌🏽 blog series! I hope you guys have enjoyed it, and shared it with a friend or two if you thought it would help! 😊 Gonna keep this blog thing going tomorrow for y’all! Sweet dreams! 😁😴🌙

Mishy 🦋✌🏽

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