“for these times.” (POEM)

Breathe deep…
Each day you awake is another day to live ,
Even if the things you do seem a little repetitive, you must know that
There is still purpose in all of this.
In staying put, and laying low in one space.
In giving silence room to speak to you while it has its chance,
Since you’re left with limited things to do with
So much time on your hands.
Do not give way to the voices that try to bring you down during this time.
Fight through the noise; rest in the quiet.
And if you really need to, don’t be afraid to step outside.
People will discourage the act; say you’re part of the reason this season is still here,
But if you truly believe this situation is out of your control and that
You’re covered by the One Who holds all things together,
Then breathe; breathe deep,
And take that first step out to freedom.
Be bold in faith, but wise;
Open your eyes to the possibilities this pause in life holds for you.
Trust that this time was made to make you, not break you.
And know that like now, all seasons have their time,
Then they pass and bring others along.
So breathe….breathe deep.
And live this day the way you’d try to live it if things were “normal,”:
Like it was your last.

I know a lot of people are doing a lot of finger-pointing right now; those who choose to stay inside all day every day to flatten the curve are angry and frustrated with those who have decided to go outside at some point. When I say to be wise when going outside, I mean to only go outside for necessity – grocery store shopping, if you have to go to work, stepping outside in your own backyard (or whatever outside area you have if you’re in an apartment) for a little fresh air and keeping your distance. Because let’s be honest…we’re all probably going a little stir crazy being inside. And breathing in the same stale, dead skin-filled air in your apartment or home maybe isn’t the best for some.

Again, just be wise, and be mindful of other people and their situations without immediately going into anger or hate. Everyone wants this to be over, and there’s a lot of different voices and opinions going into what’s happening. Stay safe, clean, and healthy; wash your hands, keep them away from your face, drink plenty of water, and most importantly KEEP PRAYING IN FAITH for yourself, your family, your friends, the community, the world.

Much love,

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