my flow.

Earlier this week, I was feeling discouraged.

I usually hit a slump in social media posting where I don’t know exactly what to post, so I just sort of wing it, and I don’t end up satisfied with the outcomes of anything. Honestly, it’s difficult anyway posting on social media because sometimes I put my all into a post only for people to not really respond to it the way I thought they would. And some of you might read that and think I’m lying because on the outside looking in, it looks like people are always so supportive and receptive to what I do, but it’s not always the case. Social media does so well to deceive others into thinking the complete opposite of what could possibly be happening.

Anyways, onto my story…

I was feeling discouraged because I felt like my content was just repetitive; personally, I started feeling inadequate about how I could post anything genuine or heartfelt, be it my poetry or even a picture of myself, but it won’t get as much attention as say, a picture of me and my boyfriend or me in an outfit or look that I normally wouldn’t be in. So, it’s hard for me to see my hard work not really paying off. Like, to be extremely honest with you all, when I see someone showing their ass and getting a lot of likes versus me pouring my heart and soul into a poem only for some to receive it…it kinda feels like a punch in the gut.

Now, don’t go thinking I’m against people posting whatever they want to post; all I’m saying is, I sometimes feel like my poetry doesn’t stand a chance against someone’s booty picture. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Like my words don’t hold value sometimes.

But God bless my boyfriend, who reminded me that if I’m comparing my poetry to content of that nature, then I’m looking at it all wrong. He told me that I’m competing with those who are in the same craft as me, those who are working towards getting their work out there, and who are seeking to gain customers through that. Truly, my only competition should be myself and what I’ve done in the past as I seek to get better and better, but I understand what he was saying.

Not only did he encourage me in that way, but he even reminded me of an idea he had for me that I hadn’t done yet, so I’m excited to get started with it!

I write all this to give y’all a piece of the reality that comes with being a creative, and it comes with truly any passion that anyone has. There are going to be days when it isn’t as fun; when you feel like you’re fighting for your art more than you’re truly feeling the vibes to create it. There are going to be days when you feel like there isn’t any value in what you do. But always appreciate the person or people in your life who snap you out of it. Those who truly support you, and remind you why you’re doing it in the first place.

Because this world will really try to sway you into believing that your art needs to fit into certain boxes – it needs to be more of “this” and less of “that,” or it can only be a certain way to appeal to more people.

Don’t ever let what’s “in” stop you from working on what you ✨believe in✨

So, needless to say, I’m going to keep going with my flow. Sure, it’s fun to pop in and express or create around a topic that’s currently being spoken about, but I’m going to keep listening to what the Holy Spirit says to speak on, to write on, to post on. As difficult as it can be sometimes, I’m going to block out the noise, and just do me. And I encourage you all to do the same!

What are some things that discourage you from doing the work you are called to do? How do you continue to go with your flow, and block out all that you’re aren’t called to?

Mishy 🦋💙

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