more writing.

Happy Writing Wednesday!

I’ve been looking at ways to make more money on my own so that I don’t have to keep working hellish hours at my current job. And, of course, blogging for money has been something that’s always been within my realm, but for some reason, I’ve always felt sort of scared to do it.

Which is crazy when I think about it because I’ve done a lot of things I didn’t think I’d have the courage to do: write a poetry book and publish it, professionally model, even make money editing. What makes blogging any different?

I’ve written about this before in other blogs, but back in 2016 when I did my #JustStartWriting phase that lasted months, I couldn’t tell you how I did it. I just, well, started writing. And my blog grew so much over that time! I’d just write about every day things, you know…feelings, thoughts, and emotions, and I saw how much my writing improved over time.

But then life changed in different ways with me moving and then gaining a new schedule. I feel like I was even more tired than I used to be, and saw writing as just something special I’d do on occasion. I long to go back to the days where I blogged every day, just to see where it would take me.

You’re probably thinking, “Well, then just do it!” and I know what you mean! I think I should push past whatever writer’s block is causing me to feel like I’ll just fail at blogging every single day like I used to.

I know in a lot of ways, I’m way busier now than I was back when I started the #JustStartWriting challenge; back on Tybee Island, it was just me and my family, but I spent a lot of time alone and in my own thoughts. Here in Chattanooga, I’ve got friends and more opportunities, I’m going out and doing more. But the basis of writing every day should be a thing for me. I don’t want to call myself a “fake writer” just because I don’t do that, but I also know it’s a crucial part of practicing that I don’t really put the work into.

Or maybe I should challenge myself to write every day, regardless of the medium (blog, journal, poetry journal, etc.). Because either way, it’s still practicing my craft, and still getting the thoughts, feelings, and emotions out in words.

I have a lot to think about πŸ€” And it’s based a lot on my motives for what I want to do moving forward. Pray for ya girl! πŸ™πŸ½

Mishy πŸ¦‹πŸ’™

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