greater things.

As I get older, I feel like I’m getting better at accepting when I don’t get exactly what I want.

Just thinking back to the beginning of the year, and remembering what my goals were and what my focus was, if God had given me what I wanted just because I wanted it, things would not have turned out as good as I would have liked them to be.

For instance, I remember the desire to be a part of a group of models because I was more interested in different types of photoshoots from doing them for brands as an ambassador. I won’t go into details, but basically, after not hearing back from the head of the group for weeks, I figured that I wasn’t accepted. And honestly, it hurt my feelings a little; it made me feel like I wasn’t worthy enough or pretty enough to model, despite the fact that I’d loved taking pictures of myself for years now. And then being able to get my makeup and hair done for these shoots was just enhancing everything too!

But seeing the opportunities I’ve been given recently – being able to work with two very good friends of mine who are HIGHLY talented in their crafts of conceptual photography, editing, and styling and being consistently hired by a friend for PAID photoshoots for big-name brands, such as Brilliant Earth and Farmhouse Fresh…it puts things into perspective!

Like yeah, it would have been cool to be a part of a local modeling agency, but God had bigger plans for me. Ones that I would not have even thought up had I not been silently rejected from that group.

And while I won’t sit here and say that I’m a well-known model (because I’m not), I will say that I’ve truly enjoyed my modeling experiences this year because I’ve been able to curate my experiences through personal photoshoots, and be able to build my professional modeling portfolio and creativity by hand modeling and seeing that process. Not to mention, create my own private community specifically for my outfits/fashion (@mishyfits on Instagram). That specific account has been awesome because I don’t feel as much “pressure” as I do to stay on brand with Mishy Writes.

A lot of things that came into fruition this year were due to the “no’s” and “not yet’s” that God said on certain things I desired. And seeing the outcomes allow me to realize just how much I should appreciate the rejections and the “maybes” He has in regards to things I want to accomplish.

So, when a “no” or “maybe” hits, it’s exciting because that just means there are GREATER THINGS COMING!!! And I thank God for not allowing me to have what I desired, but for blessing me with His best! I won’t lie and say that I was a perfect follower or prayer warrior during all that time, but I am extremely humbled by His goodness, regardless of my obedience and performance.

What are some things that God said “no” or “maybe” to in your life that you were initially upset about? Did He provide in a greater way than you had imagined? How does this change your perspective when it comes to rejection?

Mishy πŸ¦‹πŸ’™

***Update on the exclusive content mentioned yesterday: I took the steps, and started making my first behind the scenes video for Patreon! πŸ™ŒπŸ½ If you don’t follow me there yet, here’s the link! I’ll be making some updates to the different tiers along with this first video!

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