more than the bag.

These days, it’s all about the bag.

If you don’t know what “the bag” is, it’s MONEY. People are doing all they can to figure out how they can make more money, whether it’s switching jobs, getting another job, having a side gig, creating their own business, etc. As a creative, I really wanted to focus on making money with my gifts this year, whether it be writing, editing, or modeling, and I’m grateful that I’ve been able to start doing so in each of those ways!

money as the main

But when it comes to creativity, you can’t just focus on the money.

Unfortunately, I’ve encountered some people this year who originally had a vision for greater things (such as advocating for a certain group of people or desiring to educate others in a specific topic), but slowly started descending towards only doing it for money. Now, I think making money off of a talent or resource you have is perfectly fine, but I personally believe that it takes more than just a product or service to be successful.

Without a passion behind what you’re doing, you may acquire a lot of money, but you’ll more than likely lose valuable things, like relationships with people or other businesses or even the drive to continue moving forward. Because it’s inevitable that at some point, your product or service won’t sell as much as it was before, or maybe you’re having to prioritize other things (health, family, etc.) over your creativity or business, causing things to slow down. If money is the ONLY motivating factor behind what you do, how can you guarantee that you’ll be able to get the same drive when you aren’t receiving as much?

being genuine

I was talking to my friend Tavi about her photography business with her best friend Jasmine, and she made a good point that yes, while they see that it’s important for their customers to pay them for their work (and pay them on time), ultimately, they love the experience they’re able to provide to their models as they help them bring a vision to life.

“Money will come with the process. It’s just about showcasing your art and inspiring others along the way!”

Tavi Spice

I believe what Tavi says is true! When you aren’t focused on how much money you’re making, and truly enjoying your gift for what it is, and seeing how it’s affecting other people, you’ll find that the money will come to you, and you’ll have more of a desire and motivation to continue in what you’re doing!

Admittedly, I can become frustrated when I don’t get enough clients who’d like to utilize my editing services. I have a strong desire to do this for a living, to work for myself, so the pressure of seeing how much money I am or am not making can be a little overwhelming. But what I can say is that I’ve enjoyed working with the clients I’ve had so far, and not many people can say that about every single person they work with/for! Also, I’ve loved being able to learn different tactics as I edit, and learn to understand myself, not only as a writer, but also as an editor of other people’s work!

Becoming more of an editor this year forced me to ask myself why I loved to write, and why I saw a passion for both writing and editing. Was it because I had a Bachelor’s in English, and I was fighting perfectionism, so I wanted to put both of those pieces of myself to work? Maybe πŸ˜… But really, I wanted to be able to help those who have a story or a brand/business express their stories and goals clearly and concisely without feeling like they aren’t “good at writing” or “good at proper English” to do so. There have been so many people who’ve told me that they’re in the process of writing a book, but felt overwhelmed with the editing, and I don’t want them to never publish or post their words just because they’re afraid that they don’t sound “literate enough”!

So, while I do love being paid for what I do, at the end of the day, it isn’t about the bag for me. It’s more than that; it’s the sigh of relief I can give to someone when they realize that their story can be told without fearing possible judgment or rejection of being published or chosen for a service. It’s feeling like I’m using the gifts God has given me to be of help to others rather than to focus on myself.

What is the purpose behind your passion? Do you find yourself only focusing on the monetary aspect of something you’re doing instead of the purpose? How do you personally shift gears so that you’re more motivated to continue in what you’re called to do?

Mishy πŸ¦‹πŸ’œ

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