something about the ordinary.

It always baffles me, and I don’t know why.

Literally, I can have a planned blog post with a poem or visual ready to post. I’ll be extremely confident about the whole thing – the message, the way the content is presented, the visual, the colors, whatever – but I feel like it will never get as much traction as an “every day blog post” would. I can’t make this up!

This isn’t to say that the planned posts won’t get any good feedback, views, or shares, but the magic of the “mundane” is so powerful. I believe it is because everyone can relate to ordinary.

Sure, it’s fun to read about, or see pictures of people on exotic vacations, working unreal jobs, witnessing celebrities at concerts or award shows, but every single person has lived at least a day of their life in “normal”; in waking up, going to school/work, hanging out with friends or being alone at home, moving to a new place, dating someone new, etc. We have all experienced the “ordinary,” so when someone writes about it, we don’t have to guess what that might look like!

And along with the ordinary come the details of our lives; yeah we all went or go to school, but WHERE did/do we go? We all have a job, but what is it specifically? Now that we’ve been hooked to something because we can relate, we can now dive deeper into the details, the things that make the ordinary even more interesting!

So, maybe I need to write more of that for y’all here. And obviously, I have failed to write every day like I said I would πŸ˜… Life, I tell ya!

But what encourages me is that I told myself that I’d blog at least every week on Wednesday to get back into it, and since I’ve said that, I’ve made it happen. And if I can make that happen, then I can make blogging every day happen too! πŸ™ŒπŸ½

The thing is, I have several places where people can find the “behind the scenes” me that isn’t just the branded “Mishy Writes” me that most people know! I have my Patreon (which, I ned to be better at posting on, if I’m being honest!), my fashion blog on Instagram (@mishyfits), and I really need to utilize this blog more and more! Because these days, I feel like not many people actually sit to read a blog; they prefer short captions on Instagram or tweets or statuses!

All of this gives me a major idea that I’m going to start on TONIGHT! And I’m not just going to say it and not do it this time! It will be a more “normal” take on something that might seem big on a platform like Instagram. I can’t wait to share it with y’all!

What are some things you love about the ordinary, the normal? Why do you love them? Do you find that you cherish more normal things, or things that are unique and extravagant?

Mishy πŸ¦‹πŸ’™

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