purpose. – Day 1

Yesterday was the first out of 30 days I’m spending off social media. And honestly, it was the most productive and rested I’ve been in a while.

While I did push off some of my other responsibilities (i.e. unloading and reloading the dishwasher, cooking myself something to eat for the week, doing my laundry πŸ˜…), I was able to set up my workspace in the second bedroom of the apartment. I worked out and had dinner with a friend. I watched the next episode of One Tree Hill in line with the Drama Queens podcast, and washed and styled my hair before bed.

Something I realized today, and am going to remind myself as I move forward this month, is that, I can be hella productive in these 30 days, even when it comes to writing and creating, but if I do not have, or am not focused on my main purpose behind those things, this break from social media will be in vain. Because while social media is a distraction from moving with purpose, it is merely ONE distraction. Other distractions include watching TV, online shopping (which, I need to slow down on a little, if I’m being honest πŸ˜…), constantly checking emails (isn’t it interesting that, despite my social medias being gone, I still find SOMETHING that I can check on my phone?), etc.

You may wonder what my purpose is, and honestly, I feel that I have different purposes for different things that I do. For example, when I edit, I say my purpose is to provide editing expertise and suggestions that are not meant to shame the writer, but to assist them in being the best version of themselves in whatever they are writing. For my motivational speaking, my purpose is to encourage and uplift the person in whatever way they need.

My overall purpose, however, is to bring glory to God in all I say and do. That’s the overarching theme of not only Mishy Writes, but also my LIFE. If I continue to create seeking my own glory and gain, knowing that this life and all that is in it will eventually come to an end, then what was truly the point of it all? A major reason why I’m taking a social media break is to get back to this purpose of seeking God, and what He would have me do in my life, in my brand. Because admittedly, I was too busy seeking out what other people desired of me, and what other brands were doing in order to move forward, that I was living for the world and for the moment than for the eternal purpose! And I know that, in the words of my cousin Brittney, I was “created for SO MUCH MORE” than that!

So, let us not forget what our true purpose is, whatever that may be. I challenge you today to take some time to reflect on why it is you do the things you do, say the things you say, move the way you move.

Mishy πŸ¦‹

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