not too late. – Day 2

As I was cooking and cleaning in my kitchen last night, I thought about how usually, if I hadn’t cooked for myself for the week by now, I’d succumb to the mere crumbs I had left to get me through lunch at work and whatnot. I’d eat out more instead of actually putting in effort to see what I had left in my fridge and cabinet, and whip something up.

I must be one sucker for social media because the things I accomplished last night, I know I wouldn’t have before this detox because I’d be too busy scrolling, thinking of content ideas, answering messages to my IG story, etc. I not only cleaned, emptied the dishwasher, and put the dishes away, but I also cleaned/loaded the dishes I used to cook in the dishwasher, made some green tea, got my coffee pot and laptop ready for tomorrow morning, and picked up around the apartment before it was time to wind down.

This lesson I’m learning is applicable to all of life: just because you’ve reached a certain point in your day, week, month, year, or LIFE, it doesn’t mean it’s too late for things to happen, or for you to start making moves towards things you’ve always wanted to do. If it’s already a little past the time you’d normally workout, that doesn’t mean you should skip the work out entirely! If you missed a deadline for a project you’ve been dreaming of working on, don’t settle for that deadline; contact the appropriate people, and ask or an extension (you know, like some of us used to do in college! Ahh, the good ole days 😂).

I’m pretty confident that there are people reading this who feel like it’s too late to achieve something in their life. I remember seeing so many of my friends with their boyfriends, getting engaged or married, and I felt like it was too late for me to ever experience that (mind you, I was 23-years-old when my current and first ever boyfriend came around, and 23 is such a young age!). But it was because the people around me, and the world, painted this narrative of what every “perfect” relationship should look like AND when it should be achieved by. Now, being 26-, almost 27-years-old, I understand that portion of life more (I’ve seen more, experienced more, listened to more of people’s stories, etc.), but it applies to more than just relationships!

I encourage you today to not have the mindset of the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. You know, the rabbit who was running in the forest with his pocket watch, obsessing over the fact that he was late…

Alice Rabbit GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

…but have the mindset that there is still time, that you haven’t passed the deadline, and that deadlines don’t always have to be so cut and dry. Now, time isn’t always promised, so I’m definitely not saying to wait around for the right moment (because the right moment sometimes doesn’t exist), and we never know when God will call us home, but see time as precious, not in the sense of “late” or “on time.”

My challenge today is to think of a time when you thought to yourself, “It’s too late.” When was it? What was the situation? Why did you think it was too late?

Mishy 🦋

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