work and play. – Day 16

Hello, sweet readers!

I honestly wanted to blog more last week, but I felt like constantly writing about my social media break might bore some of you. 😅 Definitely still trying to get out of the habit of caring what people think in regards to my work! Because if I want to keep writing about my social media break, I SHOULD. Because it’s a big step for me in taking more time for myself, resetting my mindset, and focusing more on my brand.

So, lately, I’ve been coming up with more business plans, doing some housekeeping things, molding my brand into more than just what I feel like it’s been this year – poetry…and motivational speaking + modeling + editing + taking on every creative project ever in the world. It’s felt sort of consistent, but also scattered. I’ve seen so much growth, but I know that more needs to be done.

And while I’m working on growing Mishy Writes, I’m constantly reminding myself to apply just enough pressure that I’m not rushing things. I think social media causes so many people with businesses and brands to rush things because it seems like everyone is succeeding NOW, when in reality, we don’t know how long it took for someone’s business to take off. Being discovered overnight is such a misconception supported by social media. While it is possible to happen, it doesn’t happen for everyone. So, I’m focusing a lot of my energy into praying and seeking God’s will as I move forward within my brand, and moving accordingly.

I can’t wait to share some of the things I’ve been working on!

A major motivation behind me working so hard with Mishy Writes is so that I can quit my job at the preschool. There’s just been so much drama within this place, not to mention, year after year of constantly being underpaid and overlooked by my boss and sometimes by certain parents, and I’m just over it. So, I’m praying for wisdom and resources as I make the decisions I need to make to hopefully leave this toxic environment.

Meanwhile! I’ve been having a great time working a part-time job far away from my full-time one at the preschool. I’ve been working at a Board and Brush location, being able to help others create art pieces for their homes, and while it’s constantly being on my feet – and yes, there can be some drama too because when you’re dealing with people, there’s bound to be drama – I have way more fun working there, and I get paid more!

I’ve also been taking time with friends, like last Friday night me and two of my friends Caylin and Lydia went to this new place called The Rosecomb and had a couple of drinks and some yummy food. Unfortunately, the pictures I took of the deviled eggs and the catfish and grits I ate aren’t compatible with WordPress 🥲 So you’ll just have to imagine how good the food looked because it was SO good!

I got to watch a family-friend of mine play basketball at my alma mater, and talk to him about being able to hang out more while he’s still in town for his last college year. I’ve been having a good time being more present than I was before.

Being able to have a healthy balance of work and play has felt good, and it’s something I desire to continue even when I get back on social media in December!

How do you balance work and play? Is it a struggle to balance? If so, what do you find you do more of…do you work more, or play more?

Mishy 🦋

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