So, I was approached by a friend from college this week about an opportunity.

Initially that sounds exciting, right? I mean, when people tell you that an opportunity has presented itself, you think that they’ll go ahead and take it. And honestly, that’s how I conducted myself last year: I said a lot of “yes’s” because I used to be so fearful, and say a bunch of “no’s”. I used to be terrified of new things, and I would automatically think of me failing at them, that my initial reply would be “no.”

Then I jumped to the other side of the scale in which I said a quick “yes” to any opportunity that presented itself because I wanted to try new things without fear. And while those things weren’t necessarily terrible, eventually, they didn’t end up lasting or contributing to my main purpose.

Now, with this new opportunity, I’m finding a balance aka I’m WAITING ON THE LORD, and praying for wisdom and guidance. I journaled the other night, and realized that last year, I rarely prayed for answers to opportunities; I assumed I knew what would be best for me, my brand, and my life.

This year, I don’t want to be anywhere God isn’t. I don’t want to keep saying a lot of “yes’s” without stopping and asking myself if this is what God would have for me. It doesn’t mean I won’t take steps in a certain direction, but I won’t give a final answer until it’s confirmed from prayer and waiting that I should say “yes” or “no.”

I love how within one week of 2022, there’s already new opportunities opening up, and my eyes are being opened simultaneously to lessons I need to acknowledge.

What has God already revealed to you in 2022? What is something you’re waiting on the Lord for? Are you excited or nervous?

Mishy πŸ¦‹

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