“Patience could’ve done us well…”

Well, I was supposed to meet Kehlani today, y’all. Virtually, that is. I was preparing my mind all day; even the night before I was having dreams about what I would say, or what she might say, how things would go. It got down to ten minutes before the meet and greet began, and it was postponed due to the storms happening in California that caused power outages everywhere, including in Kehlani’s location.

I hope that everyone who’s affected by the storms is staying safe and able to get the power they need! Selfishly, I was upset that the meet and greet was pushed back because this would be the second time. Which meant my mind would have to go through a possible third time of me being nervous to dive into this situation, and me possibly not getting a good night’s sleep 😅

But I think it’s good for me, honestly. It’s not only teaching me patience, but also how to handle a situation in which I’m eagerly anticipating and simultaneously being anxious at the same time. Maybe this time I won’t be so nervous, but will be able to say everything I want to say. I’ll be able to be myself fully, and not second guess on whether I’m being too shy or too awkward.

When things like this happen, I initially am disappointed, but then I remember that it wasn’t meant to happen the way I envisioned it in my mind. Otherwise, it would have happened that way. And maybe it’s for a greater purpose!

It’s crazy because just before I left work earlier for the meet and greet, I watched Kehlani’s story, and she posted a clip of her from an interview. It was a clip that I held onto tightly last summer during my unexpected move and rearranging of life and routines. In the clip, she talked about the blessing in redirection; how it could open doors that we could’ve never imagined. And while this situation is minor compared to bigger things in life, I’m going to hold to that thought as I go to sleep and know that, when it’s the right time to meet her, I’ll meet her. And it’s going to be beautiful!

How do you react when unexpected situations occur? Can you see the blessing in the redirection? How can you prepare yourself to see the blessing the first time instead of being disappointed initially (it is okay to feel disappointed though; it’s a normal feeling!)

Mishy 🦋

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