a lesson in loving.

I was gonna be frustrated with you because it seems like sometimes, you just take. It’s hard enough as it is now with bills to pay, and spring break’s coming up, and I”m not staying around here, but going away for a few days. I kid around about you not meeting your needs, but low-key, I’m being real. I know sometimes you feel as if you’re still a kid, somewhat helpless in this world as you struggle to do basic things because hardship is mostly what having or not having money brings.

But I’m like, “That’s what being responsible is for.” It’s about taking what you have, and making the most of it. Setting aside some for later for emergencies, or just for the fun of it. But it bugs me that you so heavily rely on other people to supply things for you to survive.

Then the gracious, insightful friend within me says, “Of course you’ve given before.” You give so much that sometimes you give your all, and there’s nothing more, and you’re left curled up on the floor, wondering why no one ever gives you anything or shows you love. From the things you’ve told me, people can be so messed up and selfish and downright mean. And despite you being empty, you keep on showing up, showing out, giving your all just to be seen by certain folks who constantly take your love as a joke.

No wonder you take what you can get from the people who offer it to you; because lately no one seems to care enough to give you the the love you deserve.

So I will graciously serve you as my friend, a close one at that, because you always give love, but rarely receive anything back. It won’t be much, but I hope it’ll satisfy, and remind you that there are people who will love you, and actually try to be there for you, and not expect anything in return.

Maybe through my simple act of love, how to be loved well is something you’ll learn.



πŸ’™ Mishy πŸ¦‹

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