from my restless mind.

Clothes. Everywhere. Scattered on the floor, bunched up on the bed, piled into a bin.


I am just in need of a vacation. I can feel the restlessness in my body starting to sink in. I have so much to do before I can leave – like actually packing for my trip – but right now, I am so tired. I think my mind is waiting for me to just get through tomorrow’s work day, and then I can have the energy to get prepare for my trip.

Even though this trip is going to be awesome, I know some things will probably be thrown off, such as my reading schedule (you can only pack so many books for a long weekend trip). And I tend to throw blogging to the wind sometimes, even though being in a different place is the perfect opportunity to write about my adventures. I guess maybe I think that just because I don’t do anything huge when I’m out of town, it’s not worth writing about. Well, I’m going to declare a break in that habit right here and right now. My writing is important, and I’m going to stick it out, despite being on vacation or not.

Here’s a little poem I wrote almost a month ago, and after reading it, I feel like it totally still describes where I am right now. I’m still growing in a lot of things – loving and taking care of myself more, writing more vulnerably, placing my relationship with God above all else – but even this morning, I could feel a little unrest. This poem focuses a lot on being at peace with who I’m becoming, which is sort of where my mind has been today, but mostly, I am feeling this line: I’m so distracted. I need to distance myself from it all.

I am praying for peace right now; peace with where I am, peace with who I am, peace as I lay my head down to sleep.

I pray peace over you all as well, if your heart is feeling a little unsettled or restless.


I’m still getting used to
Coming into my own.
Being okay with where I am instead of
Worrying about,
Keeping up with,
Trying to be like
Everyone else.

I’ve got things to do.
I feel called to certain things but
I’m so distracted.
I need to distance myself from it all.
Take a leap of faith instead of
Worrying about whether I’ll fall
And never recover.
If the Spirit has made it clear,
There should be

No one

Stopping me from
Doing the things I now hold dear.

I am me.
Someone no one else can be.
No one can do me like I can do me.

Knowing this
Should set me free.





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