late friday night post.

Better late than never, right?

In some ways, I can’t believe this week is over, and in other ways, I feel like this week couldn’t have ended quick enough. I’m currently sitting on the floor of my grandparents’ living room, surrounded by good friends, junk food trash and dishes, and my sister’s laptop playing an episode of The Office. But my earbuds are in as I’m listening to Harry Styles’ debut album on Spotify.

What a way to spend a Friday night.

And I just needed this. I needed this time to relax. To not worry about being on time with a blog post. To get scared by some scary movies surrounded by the scary movie squad. To eat some junk food after eating pretty well all week. To be away from my normal niches, and in a place of comfort and rest.

I look forward to this weekend. I don’t really have a lot of solid plans, but that’s perfectly fine with me. I honestly need all the time I can get to keep planning, thinking, organizing things as each week comes to a close, and June 21st gets closer and closer.

Thankful for the days and weeks, though, no matter how rough they can be. Thankful for amazing people to have by my side as the days and weeks go by. Thankful for really full schedules, and really empty ones.

Thankful for the grind. Thankful for it all.

#MishyWrites πŸ’™πŸ¦‹

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