The Little Things, Part 2 – Lost & Found

Okay! So, this is what happened…

Provided For

Last Wednesday night, my stepdad texted me saying that one of our neighbors we used to live by when I was growing up was selling a Nikon camera with two lenses (one that shoots farther than the lens I had originally) that she'd bought from him. I was pretty excited, but also pretty nervous about how much money I'd have to spend.

The next morning, I get a text again from my stepdad, saying that the whole camera package was a great price – like, the price of what one lens would cost. I was thrilled, and immediately messaged our former neighbor, saying I'd purchase the camera and the lenses.

Honestly guys, I was crying like a baby in my dining room, thankful that God had provided an alternative camera for me to use, and that with one of the new lenses, I could possibly take pictures of the moon, something I'd been wanting to do for a while.

Well, things got even crazier after that…

Lost & Found

Yes, I mentioned this yesterday at the very beginning of my post, but I eventually found my cameras. Yes, the cameras I'd lost almost two months ago. The cameras I thought I'd left in a hotel room in Atlanta. The cameras I thought someone had stolen, and carelessly sold or used without thinking about who they actually belonged to.

Last Friday night, I came back to my friend Jessica's house really late, and was going to stay the night because the next morning we were going to Dollywood. I was in their guest bedroom when I saw a black camera bag that looked exactly like mine. Part of me was like, "Ehh, it's just Jessica's camera bag." But another part of me decided I should check.

And, lo and behold, there were my cameras. The bag, the charger, the cameras, everything. All safe and sound at my friend Jessica's house this entire time. I was honestly so shocked that they'd been found, I couldn't believe it. And I was overwhelmed with joy that God would give them back to me, even though at the beginning of losing them I was like a child, and threw fits about them being lost. And even though He'd already provided another camera and lenses for me to have.

He still let me have my cameras back. I was floored.

I'd gotten so used to living without them, that having them back was like getting them as gifts all over again. Only this time, I'd grown through the process of not having them; I learned so much about myself, and honestly, I am grateful that these things went missing for a while so that I could shift my priorities and learn the lessons I learned.

And today I received the camera and lenses from my neighbor, and here I am now with more cameras and lenses than I ever thought I'd have, and I'm overall just humbled and grateful for everything. I'm excited for the potential growth of my photography skills, and to be able to shoot with my stepdad again once I can get back home to my island.

I'm also excited to know that the Lord is still teaching me. The lessons and the way I learn the lessons may have been hard, but I'm thankful that He's still patient enough to work with me and my crazy self.

So yeah! That's what happened! Now I gotta go play around with these cameras; the world is waiting to be captured. And maybe I wasn't ready before, but I'm ready now.

#MishyWrites 🦋✨

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