“A Psalm from Sickness” – Day 6 of #12DaysofPoetry

On the 6th day of Christmas, Mishy gave to us…

A Psalm from Sickness

I am sick, God, don’t look upon me.

I’m not ready for You to speak to me, to use me, for I am not at my best. I am exhausted and
Frustrated, and I know I’m in need of some rest,
And I’m trying to take it easy – I’m trying to eat right.
I’m doing all the things I normally do at a time like this,
Like avoid too  much sugar and
Get enough sleep at night…

No, God, don’t touch me.
I’m unworthy of Your Presence, unworthy to be used by You,
To answer Your call.
How can I truly be focused on You when I’m too busy with this
Mindset of recovery?

I’ll handle it, God, just let me deal with this first.
Let me get my schedule together, myself organized before I
Can squeeze You into my day,
And read some verses in the Bible that should help me on the daily.

I need to heal me.

O, Lord…but I’m so incapable.
Why am I running from the One Who knows me and my needs?
Who sees me struggling, and longs to take my hand, and
Put me back on my feet,

I hear You now, God…You say…

“Come to Me.
Your sickness and messiness don’t scare me, even if they scare you.
Lie in my Arms for a moment, and just breathe.
You may be incapable, but I am faithful.

Let Me take My time with you.

You may not like it; you may want to rush it.
You may want to stop moving altogether, for fear that Your movements are careless.
Trust Me, I’m here. Let my Presence destroy all those fears of
Not being clean, healthy, or focused enough.

I will take you as you are.

Come look for Me with everything you are, and I will be sure to find you.

I want to work with your weakness.” 

~ written on October 9, 2017 at 4:12pm

#MishyWrites #12DaysofPoetry

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