by His Strength.

So, hello. HAPPY JUNE!

This week didn’t go like I thought it would. It was the first week that my job was having summer session, so my work schedule is changing a lot with me having more hours there, so I’d have to adjust for my creative work and workouts at the gym a little bit. I was a little nervous, but eager to do my best at making sure everything was squared away…my lunches for the week, my sleep, my routines for morning and night…

And then I got some sort of stomach bug or food poisoning the night before the week began, and I truly didn’t feel back to normal until Wednesday afternoon/Thursday.

Despite my pain (and several trips to the bathroom throughout the day. Sorry if that’s TMI, but it’s just real life, y’all), I went to work, and I put my hours in, knowing it was the first week, and I didn’t want to start off short of hours or unorganized with everything. It was pretty frustrating, to be honest. I’d like to think that I didn’t complain or whine about it at all, but I’m pretty sure constantly talking about it with my boyfriend, saying how much I was hurting and wishing I could eat or trying to figure out remedies for myself probably counted as whining/complaining.

I truly tried to stay positive through the process, and still do my job the best I could despite not feeling 100%. And looking back on it now, I remember thinking during that time, God, I had been complaining/was nervous about this new work schedule, and here I am sort of sick trying to go through with this. Without coffee, might I add. I would’ve been fine with this schedule the way it was had I been feeling normal.

That thought right there made me realize what God might have been showing me…that I have to depend on His strength to get me through the things I may be dreading instead of worrying about it all. Honestly, my personal strength would’ve failed trying to do all of that while having the bubble guts, but I had to fully rely on God to get me through each day.

I just felt Him whisper to me, This is how it should be every day. Not just on the days you feel physically sick, emotionally torn up, mentally drained, spiritually separated, but every single day.

God is currently teaching me a lot, and this personal little lesson of mine is just one of the things that I’m trying to do better with. It doesn’t mean that I can’t be strong, but His Strength is greater than any effort I could ever make. And even though I talked about how sick I was a lot, my mind felt a little more at peace knowing that I was going to be able to make it through the week with the Lord on my side.

So, I encourage any of you who are feeling weak in any area of your life to remember to rely on God’s Strength to carry you through. It puts our lives in perspective to remind ourselves that we can make all the plans we want, have a set outline for things, expect things to go a certain way, but ultimately, the Lord’s Will will happen and if that involves us being put in a position that’s uncomfortable for us or even just living our lives as we normally would, then we are to rely on Him fully and whole-heartedly.

And maybe that’s why He allows us to go through unexpected things like stomach issues on the first week of summer session…so we can better learn to rely on Him, and look to Him more in that situation, and translate back to when everything is “normal,” again.

Just something I learned this week that I wanted to share! Definitely not something I’m an expert on just because I experienced it once. I know that I’ll be presented with opportunities to continue to grow in this area, and I pray that I’ll continue to do my best to choose His way over mine, and learn from the things He allows me to go through!

#MishyWrites 🦋

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