2 weeks into 2022.

Oh, what to write about tonight?

I truly don’t have anything extremely insightful to say since this week has been completely unexpected from what I thought it would be. Some good things happened, and some weird things happened. Honestly, I’m really just trying to focus on the tasks I have in front of me, taking them one at a time.

Some exciting things to report are that the apartment is finally starting to come together a little more! Soon, I’ll be working more at my desk in the studio room instead of on the living room couch. And things will be shifted around to where I’ll actually have a lamp next to the bed so I can read, and I won’t have to rely on the bathroom light!

Things are changing in a lot of ways right now, and I’m praying for patience through the change. Because while some of it is exciting, some of it also challenging, and it can be easy to rely on the negative side of things; to complain rather than to rejoice in the blessings.

The last time things were changing in this way, the world ended up shutting down for three months. Now, after seeing the aftermath of that, people refuse to go to that as a solution, not wanting to get too comfortable in the pause that things as they used to be aren’t able to start up again.

I’m praying for wisdom that comes from God, because there are some people calling the shots, and assuming that they know what’s best for everyone, when in reality, they are only making decisions for themselves and their reputations. I’m praying for an understanding heart, like the one I was writing about earlier this week when I wrote about perspectives – two sides to every story.

And I’m praying for continued safety and health for my loved ones as this next strain of COVID has spread extremely quickly. Please be safe out there, luvvies!

Mishy 🦋

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