a quick thought.

Today, I was thisclose to writing some tweets and even an Instagram story about my thoughts on the pictures I’ve taken recently.

I know I haven’t been doing official photoshoots like I was doing a lot of last year, but I have been putting out more content, and being consistent with it, than I used to be. But I still get discouraged sometimes because, as I may have stated before, I find that pretty girls who post pretty things will get all the likes and shares, meanwhile, I’m posting my passion and getting no support for it.

Now, don’t read this and think that I don’t think I’m pretty, because I know I am. But when my content isn’t pretty, or at least, pretty enough for anyone to feel motivated to even like it or share it, I start to feel discouraged.

It was a moment or two like this that hit me today, thankfully nothing more than that. But these are things that happen when you’re trying your best to follow God in the gift He’s given you. I know that moments like this may happen again in the future, but I am determined to keep going, no matter what.

Because at the end of the day, pretty eventually fades. And what’s left? I know my passion, my words, my encouragement is long-lasting. And I’m grateful for that.

What are some consistent things that discourage you from doing what you love, and focusing on that, rather than just looking good for others’ sake?

Mishy 🦋

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