grasping for straws – write on, pt. 2

I had to be quiet.

For just a few moments,

I needed the silence to

Swallow me up.

These days I find myself

Aimlessly searching for words

To breathe themselves onto paper.


How to reach? How to connect?

How to make everything I say

Come straight from my heart?

I was experiencing things, but not feeling them.

I was desperately trying to focus my attention

To my Main Priority

And in that process I became


Fearful that the words I would produce

Wouldn’t be as good as

Previous thoughts.

Scared that what I had to say wasn’t


Was mentioned too often to matter.

Would be seen as plagiarism or


Because there are so many people who are similar to me.


But that in itself should fuel my desire,

Should heap passionate words onto this burning fire of





Similar stories mean

Similar feelings and

Similar emotions that

Need addressing.


I cannot be afraid to overlap.

I cannot be ashamed to say, “me too”

For it’s one of the main ways that

I can connect with you.



I’ll write on.



💙 Mishy 🦋

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