the scary things.

Lately, I’ve been SCARED.
So scared to pick up a pen, and attempt to write poems again.
Guess I fear that they won’t flow like they used to.
Lately, I’ve been doing my best to pick myself up again, tending to this mind, body, soul of mine that’s been
Battered and bruised due to my own beatings,
Believing lies I’d formed in my mind that told me I couldn’t measure up, or
Be good enough for anything or anyone.

So interesting that this month surrounds itself with FEAR.

🎃 👻 🤡 👹 😱 🎃 👻 🤡 👿 😱 🎃 👻 👹

We binge-watch scary movies, go to haunted houses or forests, force ourselves to face our fears, even though we may be scared.
Even if we do scream, flail, run away in the process.
This month, we indulge in the things that haunt us, and even if we ARE scared, we still put ourselves through it.
And maybe we do this because we know that after the scary things happen…we are safe. We eventually get out of the woods or house, finish the movie, we take off the masks and costumes, and deflate the pop-up yard tricks, and things are back to normal.
Well, except now we’ve got all this candy to eat. And what a treat comes out of the possible tricks we may go through to get those sweet memories.

So…what if we treated our every day lives like it was 🎃HALLOWEEN?🎃

What if we faced the things that scared us anyway with the attitude that whatever is on the other side is sweet? Is relief? Is us coming back to the reality of our lives, mask off,
Unafraid to be who we truly are?
What if we pushed past fear, knowing and believing there were sweet things in store for us to indulge in after the fact?
If we lived our lives like every day was Halloween, we wouldn’t hesitate or look back at our mistakes and wonder where they’ll take us but we
Would step out in faith instead.

And this is what this poem is:
A step of FAITH.

Because for days now, I’ve wanted to write out things I’d been thinking on, but was too afraid it wouldn’t come out right. I’d been focused on other things so heavily that I
Neglected a root of my being, I failed to water it, and
Give it Light, but tonight
In spite of how I may be feeling,
I still gave it a try.

And reading back what I’ve written…it’s a sign, it’s a
Wonder I didn’t just
Do the scary things:
Pick up the pen,
Open the book,
And just start writing.

Mishy Writes 🦋🎃🧡

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