little by little.

I realized today that something that I was taught when I was younger is now fully taking a positive affect on my life as an adult today.

And that something is taking things little by little.

We always hear this phrase, or the “take it a day at a time” one, but do we truly do these things? We encourage to take it slow, yet we continue to live fast-paced.

When I was younger, Honey (my stepmom) used to pile things on the steps of our home in Atlanta, and tell me and my sister to take one thing upstairs if we were headed in that direction. That way, all the things that were downstairs but belonged upstairs would eventually be put away. Of course, there would be times my sister and I wouldn’t do this, and then we’d have to take more than one thing upstairs.

But now, as an adult, I see the beauty of that responsibility, and I apply it to my own life as I have so many things that I do within a week. If I’m in my bathroom, and I see my makeup brushes need to be cleaned, I’ll go ahead and take the extra five minutes to do so so that the next time I’m in the bathroom, and they’re dry, I can put them away. Or, if I see that there are clothes piling up on the floor, I’ll go ahead and put them in their proper places instead of leaving it until the weekend to do.

This concept isn’t new at all, and you might be reading this and thinking, “This is common knowledge,” but for people like me who feel like their mind and body are going a million miles an hour every day, it’s nice to slow down, and take something a step at a time (if not actually up the stairs!).

So, I encourage you to take a goal of yours, maybe a dream you have or even a chore list or work list, and take it little by little. If you have to copy something eventually in the week for a project, and you find yourself in the copy room a couple of days before then, go ahead and take the initiative to print out what you need. If you’re going to do the dishes, why not also take the time to fill up the purified water jug afterwards, and stick it in the fridge?

How can you minimize your life to one step, one day, or one task at a time?

Mishy πŸ¦‹

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