What experiences in life helped you grow the most?

My initial answer to this question would be difficult times, challenges, trials. Any issues within my life have caused me to have to really rely on God, figure things out, and then readjust so that I can move forward. These things have pushed me to become a different, sometimes better, person than I was before.

But I also feel like there are key opportunities in our lives that can help us grow. Anytime I was among people who had common interests like mine, I was able to learn from them, admire them, and grow in my own way in that particular interest. For example, poetry. When I surround myself with other poets, I find myself desiring to grow, and then taking steps in order to do so!

Honestly, I feel like this question can bring up some really personal things for me 😵‍💫 so I’m going to keep it I short and sweet.

In the last year, I went through a lot of changes which caused me to grow a ton. The thing about growth is that sometimes it’s painful. I feel like we can look at someone else’s growing season through social media, or even simply from the outside looking in, and we think it might be fun or exciting, which it can be. But sometimes, it hurts. And sometimes, you’re forced to grow when you thought you were able to kick your feet up and be comfortable for a while.

While my personal growth hasn’t been the funnest experience, I know that it was needed, and that it happened for a reason. And I know it will bear better things in the long run.

Mishy 🦋

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