*REVIEW: #7DaystoSelfCare Challenge

Aaaaand, I’ve SUCKED at writing blog posts, per usual. What is new? I keep wanting to write new posts every Saturday, but y’all, life is happening, and I can’t be mad at that.

But I did want to make sure that I write a full review on my soul sister Cydney’s #7toSelfCare Challenge through her organization Dream On Youth! Because y’all…this challenge could not have come at a BETTER time! Last week, just seemed like a week I needed to focus on myself, my feelings, my goals, etc. And if you’re wanting to step up or begin a serious self-care journey, I highly suggest you do this challenge!

What is It?

#7DaystoSelfCare is a week-long challenge that delves into different aspects of self-care that allow you to self-reflect, put yourself first, and truly love yourself. Because let’s be honest: most of us are so caught up in our busyness that we don’t find time to really take care of and love on ourselves. And social media has created a narrative in which “self-care” could be synonymous with “treat yo self,” so we spend money on things like getting our nails done, bath bombs, a new outfit, etc. When in reality, self-care is SO much more than those things! (Not that those things are necessarily bad, there are just more fulfilling ways to take care yourself in a way that is lasting!). This challenge hits the key points of those things in seven days!

The Days Go Like This…

I could write whole sections about each day, but I know that that would take time for me to write, and time for you to read, plus, I’d rather you get the FULL EXPERIENCE over on Dream On Youth’s Instagram page if you choose to do the challenge for yourself!

So here’s a brief description of each of the days, just to give you an idea…

Day 1: Re-introduce Yourself. Who are you? Who do you want to be at your core by the end of this 7-day challenge?

Day 2: Routine/Non-negotiables. Establish your routine and what things within it cannot be missed!

Day 3: Play. AKA Doing something you love just because! Preferably with your phone on airplane mode so you can focus on it.

Day 4: Just say NO. Acknowledging things that you are doing that do not serve you well, and saying NO to them.

Day 5: Self-Reflection. Reflecting on the things you HAVE done and overcome instead of the things you regret.

Day 6: Self-Love. Point out the things you love about yourself!

Day 7: Take Yourself on a Date. Wear your favorite outfit, go to your favorite place, don’t be on your phone for 30 minutes or more, and just be with yourself!

I Have a Confession…

I’ve completed ALL of these days…except Day 7.

I know, how can I write a review when I haven’t even completed the entire challenge, right? I’m admitting to it though, because I don’t want to rush when it comes to this date I’m going to take myself on. Like normally, if I’m going on a date with my boyfriend, I take my time to get ready. I’m mindful of the outfit I pick, I think about where we’re going and what we’re doing. I don’t just rush into everything; I want to look special because I know the time is going to be special.

So, that’s how I want to treat this date to myself. I just need to find the time to do it since, I’ll be honest, it’s already hard enough to fit in my non-negotiables from my routine into my day sometimes (the work days are long, okay?).

Almost One Week Later…

I won’t lie and say that I’m an expert at self-caring because I’m still trying to take what I learned from this challenge, and put it into practice. BUT! At least I’m aware of the things I need to work on and focus on. I know what I need to say “no” to. I know what things I NEED to have in my schedule that day in order to feel the most cared for. And that’s is going to eventually get me to being the best I can be in caring for myself!

As my sis Cydney made a huge point of in the beginning: “It’s about PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION!”

In Conclusion

I believe this challenge is the PERFECT launch pad for anyone who is serious about wanting to take care of themselves in ways that don’t require money, but do require your effort and time. I highly suggest putting in those two latter things, because we can sometimes lose sight of ourselves when we’ve gotten into the monotonous routine of just our 9-5 jobs, the chores we do on the weekends, the people we always tend to hangout with when we get the time. But it’s HIGHLAY important that you make time for YOURSELF.

Even though the challenge is technically over, it doesn’t have to be over for you! You can take the challenge at anytime! Just follow Dream On Youth on their Instagram @dreamonyouth and look at all the picture and video posts with the #7toSelfCare hashtag!

One of the most important things during this challenge is taking your time. Don’t rush through the seven days just to say you did it! Maybe it’ll take two weeks for you to really do each challenge, and that’s okay! So long as you are seriously considering each prompt, and what it means for you and your future self-care routine, it doesn’t matter how long it’ll take you!

Major shout-out to my sis Cydney for creating this challenge out of seeing the need for so many people needing to love and care for themselves. You can follow her personal Instagram @itscydneyrai to follow her journey, or ask her any questions you may have about self-care, self-love, the #7toSelfCare challenge, and mental health!

Mishy 🦋💜

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