What’s one thing that you struggle to do, no matter how many times you convince yourself that you’re going to do it?

I can think of a couple of things off the top of my head: putting away my laundry, and drinking my protein shake.

Lately in my adult life, I find it an excruciating task to put away my clothes after they’ve been washed. It’s crazy since I know that putting them away will free up space around my apartment, more specifically in my bedroom. But I just can’t seem to muster up enough energy to do so. Why is that? What is it about clothes and washing them, folding them, and putting them away that brings about such a sense of discouragement sometimes?

As for drinking my protein shakes, I know it’s a lack of discipline on my part, whether it’s not making one the night before, or not making one the night of in the blender because I’ve hit my “too tired” mark, and the time to be motivated to do it has passed.

Even writing on this blog every day can be difficult. I know I want to keep going, especially since I’ve reached a full week doing it every single day. But what about days when I feel like I have nothing to say? What then? Will I let the lack of a topic discourage me from continuing my streak?

I guess it’s up to me to find a good rhythm to work with in these things. For blogging, I tend to wait until the last couple hours or hour of the day to do it, as if I need every last minute of the day to come up with some sort of inspiration. I could make it easier on myself, and draft blog posts so I don’t have to worry about them each day, but sometimes one day’s events can inspire a whole different post that I don’t want to pass up. Still, a good thought to think about!

With my laundry, I could make it a habit to immediately fold and put away the clothes as soon as their finished instead of waiting for another “opportune time to do it. What time is better than the present? What else could be more important at that moment?

My protein shakes, I know I’ve started a habit of making them the night before, and drinking them as soon as I get home from a workout. In that case, once I finish posting this blog, I need to go make one for tomorrow (admittedly, I’m skipping tonight. I know I shouldn’t, but I really am tired).

Maybe I’ll check back in a week with you all, and we’ll see how these things have changed. They say it takes 21 days, or 3 weeks to form a habit…let’s see if they’re right!

I’ll ask you again: What’s one thing that you struggle to do, no matter how many times you convince yourself that you’re going to do it?

Mishy 🦋

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